The Importance of Being Ernesto

In Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest", my favorite quote comes when Algernon eats all the cucumber sandwiches before tea with his aunt, Lady Bracknell, and then chastises his butler, Lane, for not having any to serve once Lady Bracknell arrives. Lane, cleverest of them all, reports that there were no cumcumbers in the market that morning, "not even for ready money".

Setting Earnest aside, let's now meet Ernesto, who is a not very convincing tropical storm (downgraded from a hurricane) currently making Florida very wet.

However, he also has the possibility of making Connecticut and New York somewhat wet on Sunday and Monday (the route and days of the Hazon ride). I guess it's time to get some cycling rain gear. I hope there is some good gear at the store; I even have ready money.

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