Alien reinforcements arrive on bikeway

Yesterday I rode 13 miles on the Comm Ave carriage way (basically two turns at Heartbreak Hill) on my own, and later on rode 13 miles with Hannah on the Minuteman Bikeway (Arlington Center to Route 128 and back). Having had the front gears fixed on Hannah's bike, I have learned I should have checked all the gears, because now she can't go into 5th or higher gear on the back cassette without the chain rubbing at the front. Oh piffle.

On the Bikeway we saw the beautiful meadows of Purple Loosestrife I had seen first a couple of weeks ago and mentioned as an invasive alien species. However, we also saw another alien (reinforcements perhaps?). This time it was a llama. Yes, you read that right - someone was walking a llama (on a leash), and talking endearingly to it, as if to a pet.

At least it wasn't a pushmi-pullyu.


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