Two flat tires

Hannah and I headed out this afternoon for opportunity to bike on both sides of the Charles River, including the closed off section of Memorial Drive. Our friend Guy Sapirstein arranged to meet us in a parking lot near the river. This was planned to be Hannah's first ride of any consequence.

When we arrived we found Guy already to go and unloaded our bikes. The first thing we found was Hannah's bike mysteriously had a flat rear wheel. Oh well. I had the requisite equipment and a spare inner tube, and Guy was quick to take the lead for a fast tube change. As we pumped up the tire we felt we were good to go... for about 15 seconds. The tire was flat again.

Hmmm... something more serious going on. The bike is about 72 hours old, so Hannah and I said goodbye to Guy who went off for a fun ride on his own, and we went back to Wheelworks. They could not find the problem, but retaped the wheel and threw in a couple of extra inner tubes for us. Hannah and I decided not to be disheartened and drove back to the Comm Ave carriage lane for our own ride. Her tires had held up through the gruelling journey back from Belmont and we spent 40 minutes riding up and down. Given Hannah's newness on this bike (on any bike), this may have been the best place for a ride today anyway.

Friends and family are being very generous sponsoring both of us, for which we are both very grateful. We are looking forward to riding together, and today might not have been a fabulous start, but it was a good one.


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