A half century

Cyclists know, and others can guess, that a century is a ride of 100 miles in a day.

Today I accomplished a half century - I rode 51 miles this morning (three times up and down the Minuteman Bikeway between Arlington and Bedford). This was a repeat of last week's 34 mile ride, with an extra loop added on. I worked hard on the first two loops, and took it a little easier on the last one. I started just before 7am and finished before noon. My moving average speed was 13mph, even though overall it was around 10mph (obviously, since s=vt). The difference is made up of the time when I stopped for breaks (or to cross roads).

The Hazon ride is 65 miles on the first day (a metric century = 100km), so I am now within striking distance. I also think that the pace will be a little easier, spreading the ride over the entire day rather than doing it all in the morning.

I see from my Garmin Edge 305 that I am supposed to have burned 2700 calories on this morning's ride. I am not sure I can believe this - that is equivalent to more than a whole day's caloric intake (although I was ravenous on returning home). If anyone can comment I would be interested to know.

I can feel the ride in my leg muscles and, interestingly enough, in my hips. I adjusted the bike seat slightly because of this at mile 44, and it felt better on the home stretch, but I wonder if I need more help getting the bike properly fitted.

Well, off to eat more!

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Anonymous said...


I agree with you that the calorie useage seems high. I wish it were that easy to burn 2600 Calories!

If you haven't done so already, you should definitely book a full service fitting at WheelWorks. I'm sure that it's different for the recumbant, but on the road bike they really fine-turned my riding position rather nicely.

Good luck reaching 100km.