Wicked Nasty

I went out on a ride with Hannah this afternoon. A couple of young teenage boys passed us and one commented to the other (about my recumbent) "that bike is nasty!" Hannah assures me this is a complement - although not as much of a complement as "wicked nasty" would have been. We rode 5 miles and Hannah is starting to get the hang of gears. However, the jinx struck her gears - the front set won't change up from 1 to 2, so back to Wheelworks with her bike again tomorrow.

Thanks to our chiropractor, Michael Weinman, who is team chiropractor for the New England Revolution (MLS Soccer Team), we got four tickets to tonight's game against Kansas City. Hannah and I went with my friend Jason, and his son Dani who is friendly with Hannah. Although it was a 0-0 game we had a great time in club seats. The Revs play at Gillette Stadium (home of the NE Patriots). It is a big stadium, and a weeknight Revs game gets a small crowd. You know it's a small crowd when you can hear someone's cell phone ring from the next section.

However, time with friends and family: wicked nasty!

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