Food for bikes - 2nd installment

As you may recall, I have started evaluating energy bars. The first article scored the Solo Chocolate Charger (4 points out of 5), Pria Double Chocolate Cookie Bar (perfect 5 points) and the awful GoLean Malted Chocolate Crisp bar (zero points).

Here are the next three entries in my ongoing quest... two come in at 4.5 points out of 5, and one at 3.5. Not bad.

Organic Food Bar Belgium Chocolate Chip
First bite: soft, grainy, not very chocolatey
Last bite: reminds me of honey cake, fruity, actually delicious
Nutrition info: 310 cal, 140 from fat. 15g=24% fat, 2.5g=13% sat fat. 34g carb 7g fiber. 12g protein. 5mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 4.5
Extra commentary: I am surprisingly positive on the taste and feel of this bar, despite its low chocolate quotient. Despite considering myself an informed consumer, I am still a sucker for the blurb. This bar packaging states: Most “health bars” are acid-forming processed dead food with artificial sweetners and ingredients. Our Cold processed, Enzymatically Active Organic Food Bar™ is your solution to eating truly healthy on the go. I love the final note “Save the Children! Please place bar in Lunch Box!”

Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie
First bite: Sweet, Gooey
Last bite: Subtle but good chocolate flavor; some effort to chew, but not a jaw breaker
Nutrition info: 240 cal, 40 from fat. 4.5g=7% fat, 1.5g=10% sat fat. 45g carb 5g fiber. 10g protein. 150mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 4.5

Rocky Road flavor Balance Bar Gold
First bite: Generic chocolate flavor plus caramel, chewy
Last bite: Dry, artificial flavor; jaw workout
Nutrition info: 210 cal, 60 from fat. 7g=11% fat, 4g=20% sat fat. 22g carb >1g fiber. 15g protein. 90mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 3.5

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried Perfect 10 Bars?
I'd be interested to see what you think of them.
Extremely tasty and no added sugars or preservatives.