34 miles

I rode 34 miles this morning, on the Minuteman Bikeway. I started in Arlington Center (to avoid the hassles of crossing Mass Ave in two locations). The distance from Arlington to Bedford is 8.5 miles, so I went there and back twice. It was fun to see the traffic backed up on Route 128 when I crossed it.

According to my trusty Garmin Edge 305, I averaged 13.3 mph. Going out (uphill) I averaged 12 mph, and coming back I averaged 14.8 mph. The last leg from Lexington Center back to Arlington was actually my fastest (15.3 mph) and my heart rate average across the entire ride was just below my cardio target of 144 (no faster on the last leg than the first).

Apparently I burned 1800 calories. During the ride, I had an energy bar, and energy drink and lots of water. When I got home I had an early lunch and started a second energy bar. For the good of the public health I must warn you not to try the GoLean Chocolate Turtle Roll from Kashi. It is unpleasant in the extreme and it might have an "optimized glycemic response" but it sure has a fully pessimized taste-texture response. Avoid this bar. Full details in an upcoming food posting. I had some yogurt instead.

I think I need to make a small adjustment on my left cleat to allow my foot to sit slightly differently, and 5th gear is still giving me sporadic problems. This is even after the rear cassette was changed, so I wonder if the problem is with the shifter mechanism... always more to do.

Never one to leave a winning topic alone, I am wondering, based on this morning's ride, whether my career as a cyclist will be limited by my bladder size.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

You should try MotionBased with your Garmin Edge -- especially if you like to blog about your rides.

Because MotionBased is a web service, you can easily track, map and share rides with others.