You always remember the first time

Lots of firsts today.

I last rode on Sunday. Given my continuing problems with 5th gear I dropped my bike off at Wheelworks on Tuesday, and only picked it up yesterday (when I got my new cleats fitted for clipless pedals). I was disappointed to see that the forecast for this morning called for rain, since I had hoped to go out riding. By 8.30am it seemed to have cleared up so off I went.

First time riding with clipless pedals - went more or less OK - read on.

First time wearing fancy cycling gloves - thank goodness - read on.

First time riding in the rain. After about 9 miles (up and down the Comm Ave carriage lane), I noticed the sky getting ominously darker. Sure enough, as I headed west away from T stop at BC, the heavens opened. There was a wonderful torrential downpour, a Boston summer special.

So, first time riding in the rain.

I decided to find cover under some trees, on the sidewalk, and as I turned off the road (at the top of a wicked grade), the bike slipped out from under me, and I joined the ranks of riders who have fallen. Luckily I was riding slowly, had gloves on and landed pretty easily. I landed on my right hand and right hip. My feet came out of the pedals really fast (but not fast enough!), and I ended up with hardly a bruise.

I think the bike is fine - the brakes needed a little manual pushing and pulling to realign, and I was all set (if very wet).

So that was my first fall, at least on this bike, since a childhood fall I recalled when I started the blog ... and it gives me a new first to remember.

After 20 minutes of watching the weather I decided to ride in the rain for a second time and rode the two miles home in lighter rain.

If that is the worst fall I have, I will not complain at all.


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