I could have danced all night

One of my other hobbies is Israeli folk dancing. Last night I went with my daughter, Hannah, to the famous MIT folk dancing club (see, for example, the wonderful novel "Paradise Park" by Allegra Goodman). I hadn't been dancing since June, and I had missed it. Hannah, who is much better at dancing and remembering dances than I, said she gets withdrawal symptoms when she doesn't dance for so long. I empathize. Those interested in seeing me do a body roll (once you have stopped laughing at the notion) should swing by one Wednesday evening in the fall.

It is also a great way to get a workout in an air-conditioned facility in the still hot evening of one of the hottest days on record in Boston.

On the comedic front, I have no photos to hand of me dancing, but here is one of me getting made up before a dance festival performance of the parent-child troupe in which Hannah and I performed over the last couple of years. (Those are Hannah's hands applying the lipstick.)

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