More food for bikes

Here are a few more reviews of energy bars, plus a bonus on an energy drink... this continues what I started with Food for bikes and Food for bikes - 2nd installment.

Starting with a public health warning - avoid this bar!
Go Lean Chocolate Turtle Roll from Kashi
First bite: took 5 seconds to bite off; no chocolate taste – just ersatz sweetness
Last bite = 2nd bite, couldn’t stand any more
Nutrition info: 190 cal, 45 from fat. 5g=8% fat, 1.5g=8% sat fat. 28g carb 6g fiber. 12g protein. 200mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 0 (yes, zero!)

At the other end of the spectrum, I tried another Pria Double Chocolate Cookie bar, which I had forgotten I had tried before and given a 5. I give it a 5 again. Excellent!

Clif Mojo Mountain Mix
First bite: chewy, crispy and salty - a real workout - kind of like tasty cardboard
Last bite: much less pleasant than the first
Nutrition info: 200 cal, 80 from fat. 8g=13% fat, 1.5g=8% sat fat. 24g carb 2g fiber. 8g protein. 260mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 1

Balance Bar Gold Crunch Chocolate Chocolate
First bite: hard work, sweet, hint of fruit in a good chocolate flavor
Last bite: substantial chew although easier than the first bite, but not as soft as I would really like
Nutrition info: 210 calories, 60 from fat. 6g=9% fat, 4g=20% sat fat. 23g carb <1g fiber. 14g protein. 140mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 4

Snickers Marathon Energy Bar
First bite: hard work; does not taste of Snickers (it's all about the brand)
Last bite: hard work; never again
Nutrition info: 220 calories, 70 from fat. 7g=11% fat, 2.5g=13% sat fat. 30g carb 2g fiber. 10g protein. 230mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 1

Odwalla Superfood micronutrient fruit juice drink.
First gulp: sweet but not cloying - feels nutritious (it's all in the packaging) - good
Last gulp: as good as the first
Nutrition info: 130 calories, 0 from fat. 0.5g=1% fat, 0g sat fat. 30g carb 0g fiber. 1g protein. 10mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 4.5

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