Food 4 bikes

Excuse the title - this is the fourth posting on this topic.

Chocolate flavor PowerBar Performance Energy Bar
First bite: Not entirely disgusting. Definitely seen a chocolate flavored chemical during processing.
Last bite: Still not entirely disgusting, although pretty hard work.
Nutrition info: 230 cal, 20 from fat. 2g=3% fat, 0.5g=3% sat fat. 45g carb 3g fiber. 1og protein. 95mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 1

Chocolate Brownie Clif kids Organic Z-bar
First bite: Ersatzy brownie oatsy grainy (or is that sawdust?).
Last bite: Smaller bar (thank goodness). Uninteresting.
Nutrition info: 120 cal, 25 from fat. 3g=5% fat, 1g=5% sat fat. 22g carb 3g fiber. 3g protein. 125mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 2

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