Purim Spiel

Next week is Purim, another Jewish festival that falls into the category of "They hate us; We beat them; Let's Eat."

Purim is such a happy festival that the entire Hebrew month in which it falls (Adar) is considered happy. There is a tradition of humor that pervades even the annual retelling of the almost gothic story, along with an imprecation to drink enough that you can't tell the difference between the hero and the villain.

Hazon (Jewish environmental non-profit and sponsor of the bike rides that got me on my bike in the first place) has a tradition of its own ... a high production values video spoof of a current cultural phenomenon. This year "Mad Men". The Yiddish word for mad, is, of course, meshugene.

You can also see previous Hazon Purim videos.

Happy Purim!

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