Sunday, Sunday ... so good to me

For the second Sunday in a row I got to go out biking with friends, this time seven of us. We planned to do the same route as last week, but decided to add to it, on-the-wheel, given how beautiful it turned out. So we rode up to the Campion Center and a short loop around back to Weston. One of our group missed a turn and ended up taking a detour, but we found him.

It was a 22 mile ride for me (more for the guy who got lost, and the Guy who went to rescue him), and it was fabulous. I have been more disciplined about my winter exercise routine this year and that has made a difference in my strength coming back to biking, and I am loving it.

Early in last year's season (and in fact at the end of April), I was complaining that I felt out of shape. So far, this year, much better.

Thanks to the magic(??) of Twitter, and someone who tweets about recumbent bikes (@recumbentbike), I saw a retweet originating from @larrymadill who said "Think I hurt something on my recumbent bike yesterday." I want to know if Larry hurt himself or his bike.

@recumbentbike uses this as a profile image... much lower than my bike, and with front wheel drive. My 'bent has the long chain under the seat driving the back wheel. This thing looks sleek, doesn't it?

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