Reclaiming my identity

Here I am blogging as Venture Cyclist and very little cycling, or even cycling related stuff, has happened for a while. However, those who follow me on twitter might have noticed the following twit this morning "Welcoming the cyclist back into my venturecyclist identity - 60 degrees in Newton today - woohoo."

A few of my friends (I know who you are) managed to get out yesterday ... another beautiful day to bike, but I was enjoying some great outside time with my family at Cold Springs Park on the Exer-trail.

Today, however, I fired up my trusty biker GPS, pumped up my tires (they held, phew) and went out with good friend Lee Goldfinch for 14 miles of spring time bliss. We cycled out on Comm Ave, through the Meadowbrook golf course and back down towards Upper Falls (a segment of our "usual" summertime route). This is pretty much the earliest in the year I have managed to get out, and certainly the earliest I have done more than a quick ride on the Comm Ave Carriage Lane. Last year I did the same ride for the first time in early May. So I am feeling virtuous, happy, not entirely unfit, happy, tired, and, did I mention, happy.

Tomorrow it's winter again (eek, just checked the weather -- 1-3 inches of snow!).
Today I had a taste of spring and summer and fall, and that will keep me going for a while.

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Greggshon said...

Great to read, Richard. Bring on the spring!