8 mile

Although exhausted from a series of late nights at a work shindig at a fancy resort, I went out for an eight mile ride at the end of the afternoon today.

I seem to have discovered I can handle the hills better if I count off my cycle strokes ... it is meditative and keeps my mind focused on something other than my legs complaining. I find I count off the numbers in fours like in a musical piece, emphasizing the first measure of the bar. This means I am pushing harder repeatedly on one leg ... so I decided to waltz and count off in threes, which means the emphasized measure (or cycle stroke) is first on one leg, and then the other. I can thank Dorit for this idea, since this is how she alternates breathing sides when swimming (to avoid a crick in her neck from favoring one side).

I continue to enjoy the Natural Newton blog from my friend Jon Regosin, and try to look out for birds and flowers on my rides. Having been spotted on my bike a couple of times by friends, I hope that one day I will be considered a natural phenomenon, worthy of note when I return from hibernation in the spring.

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