Another day in Paradise

I had a wonderful day yesterday (Sunday). The weather was perfect: around 70 degrees, breezy, sunny.

I started off planting perennial flower seeds in the back yard with Asher. Later on Hannah and I went to an Israeli folkdancing workshop with the famous Moshe Eskayo. We learned Shir HaChatunah (not "the tuna song" but "Wedding Song") and another dance whose name I forget.

After that Hannah and I went cycling together. This was Hannah's first ride for the year and was a brief 3.5 mile ride on the Carriage Lane. We could not remember if there were any remaining problems with the gear mechanisms on Hannah's bike, and after that ride it seems not. Hannah was thrilled to be back in the saddle, and I was over the moon to spend so much time with her (what Dad would not enjoy hanging out with their teenage daughter dancing and cycling).

Later, I went with Asher and Rina to the local amusement rides set up near city hall. Finally we got takeout from Taam China II (Newton's only the Kosher Chinese restaurant ).

Lots of time with kids and family, doing fun things, and a good amount of it outside. A great day in paradise.

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