Fitter than me

I had the good fortune of a lovely 11 mile ride with my young friend Jason Glasgow on Friday morning. Why "young"? ... well he is fitter than me (lots fitter). He is under 40. Everyone under 40 is fitter than me (and too many people over 40 as well).

We were talking about the fact that there is always someone fitter than you to marvel at. In my case it is Jason; in Jason's case it is a 60-something relative. Just like politics or religion, there is always someone to the right and left of you on whatever spectrum. From wherever you stand, those too far to either side are clearly nutcases. However, those just a few places along ... I would like to be as spiritual as them, as charitable as them, as patient as them, as fit as them.

Of course, it is not about me being fitter than Jason, or anyone else ... it is about me being fitter than me.

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