The They

I have always enjoyed chancing on phrases that would make good book titles (mostly biography or memoir) or names for rock bands.

Clearly "The They" ought to be a rock band (in fact, I am surprised it isn't - at least I can't find any references in Google).

This came up today in the usual morning rush. However different Asher and Rina are (and trust me, they are different), they are still a "they" in the shorthand between Dorit and I as we rush to get "them" ready for school. After the umpteenth time of saying "they" this morning -- that "they" have had breakfast but "they" haven't cleaned their teeth yet -- Dorit stopped and said something like: Listen to us calling them "The They"!

So, this will be prompt me to start a list of such books or rock bands - look for it here.

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David Harlow said...

When I was younger, I really wanted to name a band "The Wayward Bus" (with apologies to John Steinbeck). Prompted by your post, I googled the name and found it's been used as an album title by a band called "The Magnetic Fields."