Healthcare musings

I follow three healthcare industry blogs:

I recommend all three of them.

David's blawg is the driest, as a law blog should be ... but it sure opens your eyes to the extent by which crazy regulation runs our healthcare system. Stark rules, anyone?

Paul is at turns amusing, saddening, maddening and uplifting, as health care in America can be. However the blog really gives me a flavor for the sharp end of the system. Chect out this discussion of an interesting clinical trial, and the surprise ending which he added later.

Charlie comes across as an economist. His micro-economic world is trying to run a company that makes money; his macro-economic world is trying to envisage a healthcare system that is effective and cost-effective. Check out how he deconstructs what I previously found a compelling idea called Medicare for All.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Richard. Look for me prepping for the PMC as I pass through your neighborhood.

David Harlow said...

Richard --

Glad to see you're still reading this stuff. Thanks for the mention.

Can I place a bet, in one of those play-money markets, on which health reform plan will be in place three years from now?