A grand anniversary

Today is July 4th, and of course you all know (even non-US readers) that this is...

... the first anniversary of my first bike ride on my still unnamed, and fabulously recumbent, bike.

In the last year I have ridden over 700 miles (of which 180 so far this year). Wow.

In thinking back on the benefits of all this activity, I can certainly include lots of feelings of well-being, probably better heart-health, enjoying involvement in Hazon, getting to have fun with a blog, and good times with my family.

For example, yesterday Hannah and I rode six miles each way along the Charles River from Watertown to Cambridge and back. What a joy it is to be spending time at the insistence (she thinks) of my teenage daughter. Even the non-cycling members of my family have fun at the Hazon NY ride retreat.

In the spirit of an annual review, I give this entire experience a grade of "exceeds expectations".

Oh yes, and for my US readers: "Happy 4th!"

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Gregg said...

Happy birthday to Miss (Nameless) Bacchetta Strada!