Laid back with a motor

I had the privilege to meet Joshua Kerson of RunAbout Cycles earlier in the week.

He has been tinkering with bikes for a million years (not bad for someone in their 30s), and over the last few years has developed an amazing thing: an electric-assisted recumbent trike. Joshua prefers to call it a human-electric hybrid.

You can read all about it at their company website.

The motor pulls on the chain which means you can have the motor helping you while you pedal (or the motor can do all the work if you want. The idea is that you can go out cycling and not be concerned about hills, or the length of the ride, or keeping up with your buddies. Obviously the weight of the batteries (~60lbs) already makes this a harder workout. The bike has a range of 40-50 miles on a single charge, and more if you are not relying on the motor for the entire journey.

The team believes this will be attractive to people who would like to bike and are looking for a healthier lifestyle, but who feel they are out of shape and may get stuck or left behind in a group due to illness (or previous lifestyle). The obvious demographic are baby boomer retirees.

They are looking for angel funding - feel free to contact them directly or contact me (through Sigma).

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Gregg said...

Venture cyclist meets venture capitalist at last!