South Street Regular

Another Sunday, another wonderful bike ride with Guy Sapirstein on the Needham/Dover loop along South Street. Today we added a little extra segment, getting us up to a total of 22 miles, at a moving average of 14.8 mph. Given the added length we looked for restroom options, and Guy rightly remembered porta-potties at Caryl Park in Dover.

I looked back at my heartrate data (from my fabulous Garmin Edge 305) over these rides with Guy since our first on May 27.

I see on that date my average heart rate was 149 and my max was 172 (beats per minute). Each subsequent ride has seen my heartrate drop slightly, indicating better fitness. Today, even though we had the longer ride (at faster speed), my average heartrate was 143 bpm, with the max at 168.

I ascribe the little blip up on the max rate from today's ride to be related to the higher speed, and the longer trip.

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