Bikeway rage

Several people passed this on to me. A recent article in the Boston Globe recently discussed the problems of heavy and mixed traffic on a popular bike trail. It happens to be the Minuteman bike trail on which I spent many hours last year and have returned to once so far this year.

The article notes the presence of a pet llama on the trail (reported on this blog last year), and the problems of cyclists mixing with roller-bladers, pedestrians, kids and other pets. Apparently police are called regularly to deal with incidents of bikeway rage. What a shame.

A word to the wise: traffic on this bike path is very manageable during weekdays (apart from rush hour I guess), and, I believe, bright and early on weekend mornings.

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Anonymous said...

How sad! A similar change happened with a trail I used to go horseback riding on in California.

(Richard this is Ariela from Hazon! I found your blog on JCarrot today. :))

Ari (Baking and Books)