Techie at Heart

I came to the US in 1989 with a strong background as a software engineer (working in C) and an expert in the Oracle database system (version 5 and then version 6). Within a few years I was working in management roles and then as an entrepreneur mostly on the business side of things. However, I remain a techie at heart, and still enjoy the little bits of hobbyist programming I do.

At the time I was last working as a techie, Michael Stonebraker was already well into a great career with some great successes under his belt. Sigma is currently an investor in two of Michael’s startups, and it is a privilege to work with someone who continues to contribute so much to both the academic and commercial fields.

All this is warm-up to suggesting that those of you who, like me, are (database) techies at heart, should read Michael’s Top 10 Assertions about Data Warehouses, recently published in the Communications of the ACM website.