Xtranormal makes that Op-Ed zing

With Xtranormal, you choose some visual characters, type a dialog, and produce a video. Regular readers have seen at least one of these productions in this blog recently. (In each case, for those reading in formats which won’t show embedded videos click on [LINK] to get to the YouTube site.)

Here is my first try – took my 60 seconds. The Brits in the audience can groan at the formula. [LINK]

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a movie a thousand pictures. Sometimes these little videos can produce a greater effect than the same words on paper.

Here are the same characters someone else put together talking about a web startup. (Beware, not safe for family – f-bombs!). [LINK]

Again, regular readers know of my interest in the healthcare world. This next one is for those who share that interest, and is a biting comment on how the US health care system has worked for many years, and seems set to continue to work in the future. [LINK]

Finally, to earn the VC:VC label comparing my venture capital life with my cycling, a whimsical interchange that captures the life of a recumbent bike rider. [LINK]