Talk about re-“cycle”-ing

With a hat tip to John Halamka who brought this to my attention, check out this cardboard bike.

Izhar Gafni’s amazing $20 cardboard bike

If you can’t see the video it is embedded in this write-up of the project as well.

Xconomy: Future of Big Data

BOS_Oct24_300x200_banner_new-220x146I got to moderate the startup panel at the Xconomy "Future of Big Data" Conference in Boston last week.

The audience seemed to really like the discussion which I put down to the great panel members:

Greg Huang's writeup of the event mentioned several quotes from the panel, including my definition of big data ("growing faster than Moore's law") that also got picked up in

Questions we covered included:

  1. How is your company is using Big Data to disrupt the vertical you're in?
  2. How much of your big data secret sauce is about the data (acquiring, curating, creating)  vs the algorithms and architecture used to process the data?
  3. What has "big data"enabled which was not possible for startups 5 years ago. Could your companies have existed 5 years ago?

Two great quotes from elsewhere in the event were:

Big data is bullshit (Brad Feld)


The database people have been asleep, and Oracle has been providing the narcotics (Andy Palmer)