Seven Deadly Sins of the VC

Bob Davoli offered me a job at D&N Systems (which became SQL Solutions) in 1989 on the basis of one round of interviews. I have worked for him and with him for at least 10 of the 17 years we have lived in the USA. When he and John Mandile (and the rest of the Sigma team) invited me to join the firm in 2000 it was an easy decision to accept.

Bob is fairly well known in the venture capital industry (certainly in Boston), for his success, his direct style, and for his sharp observations of the VC landscape. Over time I distilled some of his aphorisms into this version of the seven deadly sins of Venture Capital.

I wrote this in an acrostic form using his name (RDavoli): if it escapes into the wild it will always bear his name.


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