VC:VC Can I offer you a euphemism?

The very excellent Blue Avocado non-profit website and newsletter, issue 56 (with an excellent article on Board-Staff agreement over financial governance), offered this to “decode the code”:

· Charismatic means . . .  bad manager. Example: "We have a charismatic executive director."

· As you know means . . . "as you don't know." "As you know from our grant report . . ."

· Articulate means . . . well-educated, polite African American: "He's very, you know, articulate."

· Bright means . . . young and well-educated. "Will you do an informational interview with my cousin? She's very bright."

· Seasoned means . . . old. "Will you do an informational interview with my cousin. She's quite seasoned."

· Extend the deadline . . . no one is signing up: "We've extended the deadline to be a sponsor for our fall fundraiser!"

· Good reputation . . .  they don't have money troubles: "I want to work for a nonprofit with a good reputation."

· Strategic (from a foundation) . . . less responsive to nonprofits: "Our ten-month planning process has resulted in a decision that our grantmaking will be more strategic."

· Tough decision means . . . unpopular decision: "He just can't make the tough decisions."

· We'll start promptly at 9 means . . "We'll start around 9:15."

It made me think about the equivalent in the high tech world…

AND ITS EXACTLY THE SAME (just insert CEO for Exec Director, VC for foundation, investing for grantmaking, etc).

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