The $1,000 Genome

As you know, Lifestyle 3.0 demands you get your own gene sequence.

Various universities are now planning to sequence the genes of at least 1,000 people (I don't think they are looking for volunteers). The coverage states this will cost $50 million - meaning $50,000 per person. Google is supporting a Harvard project which aims to sequence 100,000 people or even 1 million!

Conventional wisdom predicts a massive shift in the use of genetic sequencing in regular medical care when the price is at $1,000 per person. Given how I imagine pricing will come down an exponential curve (similar to Moore's Law for micro-processors), I expect that this will be the case in about 10 years.

I have been following the debate on quite what we will do with all this information, and have many theories, but it is no longer theoretical to expect it to happen.

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