Weblog... Whyblog... Why blog?

Why am I indulging myself with a blog?

Blog is a contraction for weblog, and is an online journal. Some blogs are read by tens of thousands, or millions of people. Mine will be read by a few loyal relatives and friends. It is really a way to stay in touch, for those who want to read of my adventures, and my presumptive progress.

Also, as well as being a Venture Cyclist (and I am not that yet, and won't be until I own a bike... soon, don't worry), I am a Venture Capitalist. With that in mind I thought I should understand what it takes to participate in the Web 2.0 world, of which blogging is a key component.

Setting up a blog can be done in many ways. If I hosted my own domain on my own servers I could install my own blogging software. Absent that (which is the case here) I can choose from many free or fee-based blog hosting options. Blogger seems to be a reasonably functional middle ground between completely unremarkable and tailored-to-the-max. I also added some Feedburner capabilities (I am a fan of Brad Feld's blog and he is an investor in Feedburner).

I have also been inspired by other blogs...

If you don't already have some kind of reader for blogs, you can arrange for your MyYahoo page or the like to automatically receive updates from your chosen blogs (like mine). You can also choose to get updates by email (click here). Let me know if you need help subscribing to my blog (you can email me if you know my address, or leave a comment on this page).

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