Tired legs

Dorit (my wife) is very sympathetic. Yesterday she assured me that when she swims she sometimes feels like she's flying through the water, and at other times that she is about to sink from the moment she gets in the pool. She shared this with me because I was feeling pretty lousy after a (mere) 17 mile ride on Thursday, which was not that much more than my previous max of 14 miles. My average moving speed is over 9mph (or under 10mph, depending on whether you are a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person), and my heart rate was slightly lower than the previous ride. However, I felt drained and although my legs didn't hurt, I could feel the effort in the muscles until this morning.
I have to wait until Monday for my next ride (camp pickup for my daughter tomorrow). If I need more rest between new 'longest' rides, then this is the right prescription. I am looking forward to feeling like flying again, rather than sinking.

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Brad Feld said...

One of the lessons a wise marathoner told me early in my training was to listen to my body. If you are feeling sluggish or tired, it's telling you to rest more. Interesting, most of the books I've read about training for long distance activities talk about the gains your body makes during the rest days (in contrast to the natural belief that the gains are made during the exertion phase.)

I've found that the best rhythm for me is alternating hard/easy workouts with at least two rest days a week (usually Monday and Friday). So - Tuesday is hard, Wed is easy, Thurs is hard, Friday is off, Saturday is easy, and Sunday is hard. While this might be different than what works for you, it took me a while to figure this out (after several bouts of either getting sick from too much effort, or just feeling run down and blah.)

While everyone is different, the simple message is listen to your body - it's telling you something.